05 January 2009

We Will Keep Planting Trees

If stands
bearing the weight of the world alone
until you
but who am I,
crouching here near the ground
and then
an expectation
what right does this have
to expect anything of me
why would I
happen to have
like an accident
I chose this planting
selected this spade, wore gardening gloves,
and picked up
a sapling
deceptively fragile
resilient as a secret
in your hand
the saplings in my hand
are of no concern to you.
when they tell you
why would I believe them?
they are not here planting saplings,
they are lazy, lack faith,
and are not to be trusted.
the messiah
what is he besides late?
has arrived
there is nothing the messiah would be
more concerned with than
I am with the saplings.
had the messiah arrived,
he would be here with me.
first finish planting
but I will never finish planting.
there are always more saplings.
I will go out and greet no one.
If the messiah ever does arrive,
we will know because he will be kneeling beside us.
We will keep planting trees.

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