30 December 2008

Good Times Bar, Jerusalem

gulps of biting juice and
i saw moss green

What is this
O.J. and vodka
You were thirsty

I am still thirsty and I just drank my lips numb
i actually meant thirsty
i spread my toes for balance


The guy didn’t rape me you know, he just tried
there must have been pictures of naked women or
maybe cowboys in outer space
on the wall behind my head
There are no actual marks on my body but
I think the police believe me

the glass door was all swagger and bravado
closed - open
open - closed - open
closed - open

Where are they going
To find him and kick his ass
she sounded more IDF than bartender

they don’t know what he looks like
the counter was grey
the sky was blue
alone again and
I’m still thirsty

purple-brown eyes touched my face
the room-warm water slid down colorless
i walked myself home.

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